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dg shoes

Recently, the famous Italian brand Dolce&Gabbana <a href="http://www.dgshoestores.com" >dg shoes</a> next year in August closed its young deputy brand dolce &gabbana news is a stone arise layer the wave. Dolce &gabbana this was created in 1994 of the suction of the popular board <a href="http://www.dgshoestores.com" >shoe stores</a> jin li exuberant such a hasty retreat, let people circle of infinity. The official explanation is given to the location of the Dolce&Gabbana card-carrying hiemal D&G caused confusion, <a href="http://www.dgshoestores.com" >air max 2011</a> close it is to clarify the brand image, enhance card-carrying luxury degrees. And it is rumoured said the sacrifice income is higher Dolce&Gabbana hiemal D&G, <a href="http://www.dgshoestores.com/nba-basketball-shoes-c-466.html" >NBA Basketball Shoes</a> and is the tax evasion case litigation related to this outside a guess, remains to be seen. Luxury brand launch young vice line never is to promote the popularity and wealth, and it is also the best strategy to its expansion precursor,<a href="http://www.dgshoestores.com/nba-basketball-shoes-kobe-bryant-shoes-c-466_361.html" >Kobe Shoes</a> fashion is the typical case history. When George Armani at first put forward Line (deputy Line), the luxury of his concept of empire, in addition to high fashion Giorgio Armani, but also has DuoGe deck <a href="http://www.dgshoestores.com/nba-basketball-shoes-kobe-bryant-shoes-c-466_361.html" >Kobe Bryant Shoes</a> of CARDS, such as clothing brand Emporio, women's clothing brand Mani, casual wear Armani Jeans and cowboy outfit brand, through the visual identification distinguish the different price under the brand positioning and design <a href="http://www.dgshoestores.com/nba-basketball-shoes-lebron-james-shoes-c-466_367.html" >lebron james shoes</a> style series, each have a loyal customer base. More successful and Prada and Miumiu, everyone knows is palm Prada Miumiu Samuel west Asia, Prada nickname named a deck of CARDS, the more <a href="http://www.dgshoestores.com/nba-basketball-shoes-lebron-james-shoes-c-466_367.html" >lebron james shoes 2011</a> young than card-carrying bold, accumulated the a group of loyal fans. It is reported, with only 2010 results as an example, the growth rate of Miumiu far more than any original Prada, become the most <a href="http://www.dgshoestores.com/lebron-james-shoes-nike-air-max-lebron-vii-c-466_367_370.html" >Nike Air Max LeBron VII</a> profitable group, the brand. Therefore, Dolce&Gabbana this time do exactly the opposite, really made mystifying. Close analysis of the relationship with Dolce&Gabbana hiemal D&G, do exist in the confusion of risk. The author will ever dolce &gabbana<a href="http://www.dgshoestores.com/lebron-james-shoes-nike-air-max-lebron-vii-c-466_367_370.html" >Air Max LeBron 7</a> mistaken for Dolce&Gabbana is the abbreviation of, of course, will confuse the two brands. In addition, the product design style of similar products, a brand of similar etc, and it is also the reason is misleading. But industry insiders is that, <a href="http://www.dgshoestores.com/lebron-james-shoes-nike-air-max-lebron-viii-c-466_367_431.html" >Air Max Lebron 8 shoes</a> like the hero DuanWan jump to close the "very will make money" better than to board. Just think, a brand to find the solution to the problem of shortcut: one is to change the brand name,<a href="http://www.dgshoestores.com/lebron-james-shoes-nike-air-max-lebron-viii-c-466_367_431.html" >Lerbron james 8</a> dolce &gabbana simply describe the card-carrying CARDS with the connections between, and avoid confusion; The second is to strengthen the card-carrying CARDS and their <a href="http://www.dgshoestores.com/nike-shoes-c-229.html" >Nike Shoes</a> respective characteristics, improve card-carrying senior feeling, and Dolce&Gabbana dolce &gabbana can be more bold halfback, more young people personality; Third is to promote the brand Logo, the store display and visual <a href="http://www.dgshoestores.com/nike-shoes-c-229.html" >nike shoe</a> style of design, through contrast color, pattern and even spokesman to clear the difference. 3 action taken, dolce &gabbana can complete a phoenix nirvana, far better than this to end a fudging already has a huge customer base mature brand. What if any hope of dolce &gabbana <a href="http://www.dgshoestores.com/nike-shoes-c-229.html" >shoe nike</a> future? Just take questions continue to see."


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