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homme ralph lauren polo chemises

October 14, 1939 was born in the United States, the ordinary <a href="http://www.ralph-lauren-polos.biz/femme-ralph-lauren-polo-chemises-c-4.html" >Femme Ralph Lauren Polo Chemises</a> labor family Ralph lauren (RalphLauren), the father is a paint workers, and her mother was standard housewife, from their family background is concerned, and the clothing and almost no higher authority. However, Ralph lauren (RalphLauren), for clothing acuity, <a href="http://www.ralph-lauren-polos.biz/femme-rl-manches-longues-chemise-c-5.html" >Femme RL Manches Longues Chemise</a> is born from urinate, playing his clothes splicing games and will military uniform and jeans confluence one, let the clothes with its narrative behind; And Ralph lauren (RalphLauren), to <a href="http://www.ralph-lauren-polos.biz/homme-ralph-lauren-polo-chemises-c-1.html" >Homme Ralph Lauren Polo Chemises</a> the appreciation resolution, leather is also in childhood is already have, whenever over the school, all the kids are go out to play, RalphLauren is kept on playing work, just can buy his beloved dress, cultivating their own constantly <a href="http://www.ralph-lauren-polos.biz/hommes-ralph-lauren-sweats-c-3.html" >Hommes Ralph Lauren Sweats</a> at the same to the clothing of interest in the future, so as to the clothing development. In high school graduation, he write their names in his wish: to be 1 million billionaires. In the future, Ralph lauren (Mr), RalphLauren proved he completed his wish, became the most leading leisure brand, create a belong to his personal fashion kingdom. Not fashion design professionally-trained worker RalphLauren, step into fashion fields first job, the Boston area is a tie salesman. The tie was, is waking color dark, no new idea. A pure chance, RalphLauren to design for the chance to tie. He is keen to tie the exterior of innovation, not only do the increase of the two times the width, colour and lustre is also more bright and colorful, he put the price <a href="http://www.ralph-lauren-polos.biz/new-ralph-lauren-polo-chemises-c-6.html" >new ralph lauren polo chemises</a> also promoting double, but the results of unexpected big sell, and with a when popular agitation, this wide ties, that is RalphLauren series for the first time in Polo named start work. In 1968, Ralph lauren (RalphLauren), men's clothing company was set up, and introduced the first brand "POLORALPHLAUREN", this is in the city of success the design of personal style men between formal and leisure clothing, <a href="http://www.ralph-lauren-polos.biz/femme-ralph-lauren-hoodies-c-8.html" >Femme Ralph Lauren Hoodies</a> between design, convenient they access various leisure places will be. In 1971, Ralph lauren (again), RalphLauren launch and its brand "phRalphLauren", RalphLauren of dress with real American spirit-a trend for change, and have the eternal style of wearing feeling. Thereafter, the RalphLauren releasing "POLOJEANSCOMPANY" cowboy series, "POLOSport" young leisure series, and designed for high society women playing golf and design "RalphRalphGolf". No matter how to <a href="http://www.ralph-lauren-polos.biz/homme-rl-manches-longues-chemise-c-7.html" >HOMME RL Manches Longues Chemise</a> update, the RalphLauren brand clothing, never reveal a free and comfortable and showily inside collect breath!


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