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Femme RL Manches Longues Chemise

The top luxury brands, Ralph lauren President Jacques rogge hearn, recently in a method of luxury BBS, said many of China's two <a href="http://www.ralph-lauren-polos.biz/femme-ralph-lauren-polo-chemises-c-4.html" >Femme Ralph Lauren Polo Chemises</a> three line cities are mature and consumer demand is released, so in addition to in a city looking for a shop, also must address in these places open a shop. Young people into the main consumption And Europe and the United <a href="http://www.ralph-lauren-polos.biz/femme-rl-manches-longues-chemise-c-5.html" >Femme RL Manches Longues Chemise</a> States is different, the young people of China is one of the main luxury consumption crowd. In China, the world's most populous country, more than a third of the people are Internet <a href="http://www.ralph-lauren-polos.biz/homme-ralph-lauren-polo-chemises-c-1.html" >Homme Ralph Lauren Polo Chemises</a> users. Luxury brands have to change the traditional marketing strategy, depend more and more on the Internet achieve business growth. Bruno lanner said: "the Internet is Chinese consumers get information platform of the second largest luxury, this is very unique phenomenon. Especially social networking sites, particularly attracted to 25 to 44 years old of the consumer groups. And so, each big brand construction investment in Chinese website, ascension influence." From the world scale, a luxury brand development electronic business has just started, and developed markets in China, they compared the pace of faster. Armani group for its Emporio Armani brand launched e-commerce sites, thus become a big international luxury goods group in China <a href="http://www.ralph-lauren-polos.biz/hommes-ralph-lauren-sweats-c-3.html" >Hommes Ralph Lauren Sweats</a> launched the first such website. Armani group vice President John HuKeSi expressed hope that through the launch special electronic stores, access to "the more young rich consumers" and "online Chinese" this new consumer groups. Consumption is turning to way of life Now the Chinese consumers increasingly mature, they brand expectations and five years ago, 10 years ago has not mentioned in the same breath. For example, content to consumption in the most of the luxury consumption have focused on clothing, perfume, jewelry, watches, but private resort, the top furniture, art and investment in China the attention of buyers by gradually, greatly small yacht show also more up. The changes show that Chinese consumers have already begun by consumption luxury consumption extravagant lifestyle to change. Bruno lanner said, although the Chinese are now more than half of consumption abroad, but China's share of the purchase in ascension year by year. Obviously, doesn't care about the price of the Chinese <a href="http://www.ralph-lauren-polos.biz/new-ralph-lauren-polo-chemises-c-6.html" >new ralph lauren polo chemises</a> people feel more comfortable, buy luxury goods and not run to Hong Kong, New York and Paris. These people are the most important quality rather than brand, at the same time also pursuing illicit close sex, enjoy only sex, uniqueness, and pay more attention to custom-made consumer experience. This requires brands to improve customer service, especially the mainland after-sales service to ensure that both home and abroad, and do our best to provide more consistent product choices, such as guarantee products in China and Europe synchronous listed. The characteristics of Chinese consumers are changing brands strategy, such as launched a complete range of entry-level luxury items, the global campaign in China, etc. Swiss top tabulation brand treasure was<a href="http://www.ralph-lauren-polos.biz/femme-ralph-lauren-hoodies-c-8.html" >Femme Ralph Lauren Hoodies</a> recently pearl with all the new Basel 2011 series at Beijing, China opened the curtain of the first circuit. This is the first time Swiss watch will show the new Basel, Switzerland show first stop in China choose. Previously, most brands will be chosen in the first stop European and American countries. In addition to Beijing, overseas, the brand will also in hangzhou, shenzhen, taiyuan for the tour. Chanel <a href="http://www.ralph-lauren-polos.biz/homme-rl-manches-longues-chemise-c-7.html" >HOMME RL Manches Longues Chemise</a> will also its global series starting in Shanghai. Love MaShi even for the Chinese market and creation "son" brand, the most hot is a price 3000 yuan of silver bracelet.


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