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Femme Ralph Lauren Polo Chemises

(Ralph Lauren) Lauren showed the <a href="http://www.ralph-lauren-online.net/femme-ralph-lauren-polo-chemises-c-4.html" >Femme Ralph Lauren Polo Chemises</a> children's clothes embodies the (Ralph Lauren) Lauren showed men and women dress in traditional classical and popular fashion perfect combination. The classical style <a href="http://www.ralph-lauren-online.net/long-sleeve-femmes-ralph-lauren-polo-chemises-3-p-130.html" >long sleeve femmes ralph lauren polo chemises 3</a> (such as iconic polo shirt and costly cashmere sweater) are chosen the most gorgeous and bright color. From an institute wind and knight of the wind english-only sportswear, to designed for special occasions custom senior suit, these fashionable design inspiration all come from the (Ralph Lauren) Lauren showed <a href="http://www.ralph-lauren-online.net/homme-ralph-lauren-polo-chemises-c-1.html" >Homme Ralph Lauren Polo Chemises</a> each quarter unique perspective. Luxury industry expected China needs to drive the growth, but a large proportion of luxury consumption and not in Chinese mainland finish. Chinese tourists has now become a luxury consumption force a member of the more and more important. But in this <a href="http://www.ralph-lauren-online.net/homme-rl-manches-longues-chemise-c-2.html" >Homme RL Manches Longues Chemise</a> process, the American retailers but feel they have been forgotten, and the reason is trival U.S. visa process of Chinese tourists coming to the United States wants to have to wait months to allowed to release. According to the U.S. Travel Association (Association) of the U.S. I statistics, China last year, 38% of the visitors to leave the visit to the European visit to the United States, only 13%. American tourist association of data showing that, to travel to the United States of the Chinese people on average to consumption is more than $6000, British tourist consumption more than twice. <a href="http://www.ralph-lauren-online.net/hommes-ralph-lauren-sweats-c-3.html">Hommes Ralph Lauren Sweats</a> In view of this, the American retailers are lobbying the U.S. state department to simplify Chinese tourists visa procedures. Ralph Lauren group (Polo-Lauren showed the Corp.) chief operating long ferrari (Roger Farah) an interview, a lot of luxury in Europe and other countries sell to a Chinese, we didn't get the United States due shares. U.S. retailers are set up shop in mainland China. According to consulting firm Bain Bain & Co.) (the advisers say, Chinese mainland luxury sales this year is expected to be 11.5 billion euros ($16.9 billion), a rose 25% last year. But byrne, is expected to Chinese in overseas said the luxury consumption <a href="http://www.ralph-lauren-online.net/new-ralph-lauren-polo-chemises-c-6.html">new ralph lauren polo chemises</a> even if not more than last year, may also and last year's levels evenly matched. In order to race to a greater share, Ralph lauren and Saks Inc-group... Etc luxury companies are trying to through <a href="http://www.ralph-lauren-online.net/ralph-lauren-casquettes-c-7.html">Ralph Lauren casquettes</a> the industry group to put pressure on congress, ask congress funding, for the United States to the state council can more quickly processing visa issues. Saks's chief executive Steve Sadove Randolph () an interview, he knew there DuoZhong issue a visa problems, including national security concerns. Randolph said, no, people want to minimize the impact will be, to risks, but we have to do is to find a balance. He also <a href="http://www.ralph-lauren-online.net/wholesale-big-pony-ralph-lauren-bags-discount-p-186.html">wholesale big pony ralph lauren bags discount</a> said that the increase of international tourism may bring great influence to the business.


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