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The importance of a good mood

We all feel emotions, and as you may know, not all have the same values ​​or the same effects. When you wake up in a good mood in the morning, full of optimism, joy and energy, you feel good that these emotions are positive, they make you happy and productive. In contrast, when the dice morning you feel tired, tired, demoralized, irritable, your chances of having a good day are slim. Thus, certain emotions are more positive, others are rather negative. We each have our character that makes us globally lean to one side or the other of the scale. When some are généralements optimistic and cheerful, others are bitter and acrimonious. Others, again, vary in balance. We also know minimal changes from one day to another, and even happier to have at one time or another felt demoralized, angry or upset. However, it is that emotions are communicative. Have you noticed how some indivduals are able to share their optimism and cheerfulness to their http://33logos.com environment? Faced with someone particularly open, kind, generous and smiling, you do not have the reflex to turn your smile? In contrast, people are rude and sarcastic painful, they irritate us and annoy us. Positive feelings call other positive feelings. Negative feelings call other negative feelings. You are never left in a particularly friendly shopping a little happier when you're home? And you're never left with another merchant bitter and a little less bad mood that you do not have penetrated? Emotions are communicative All this involves a very serious consequence. It stands for the emotions you express have a direct impact on your environment. The world can be seen as a huge balance on his plateaux containing huge reserves of power balancing positive and negative about. And you can at any time, to support the finger on one or the other of the plates. So when you express positive feelings, such as complimenting someone, showing kindness, generosity or gratitude, you instill a little positive in your environment. Conversely, if you show malice, selfishness or pettiness, or whatnot, you will help to make the world worse than it is. This is true at different scales. For example, the evening meal with the family may be a good time if you show lively and entertaining, but you might as well show you cold and brittle and thus spoil the ambience. More generally, every fan can help change a football match in wrestling. Obviously, the larger the scale considered is large and less isolated individual holds power.


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