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Dog Killer/ Not a professional!

May 29, 2015 This man did a horrible job on my brother's neighbor house. Everything he did had to be done over by a order soon eberything which they claimed he was not. Leaving that job, he avoided someone flagging him down by going way to fast and ran over my dog and killed my pug dog who had 6 week old puppies. He showed no remorse whatsoever and the neighbor he had done the job for said all be was concerned about was eating his granola bar. This guy is disgusting and he never tried to replace my irreplaceable rare black pug or contact me back. I was never the same and new rules knew creatures like him to exist. Had I ever done anything as such, I certainly would at least offer to replace the dog I killed over being wreckless. I would never do business with such a person and from what I hear he' was horrible and had absolutely no clue what he was doing. Warning- Stay away!


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