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dg shoes

The Italian fashion margin <a href="http://www.dgshoestores.com" >dg shoes</a> treasure, famous brand Dolce &gabbana Dolce & Gabbana) (the boss dole Domenico Dolce cut () and Carrie (Stefano Gabbana), <a href="http://www.dgshoestores.com" >shoe stores</a> class was revealed in taxes nearly 1 billion euros (about 10.8 billion hk dollar), is now accept the Italian authorities survey,<a href="http://www.dgshoestores.com" >air max 2011</a> facing charges. The focus of the investigation on finance officials in 2004 and hiemal D&G in Luxembourg set up company called the company Gado.<a href="http://www.dgshoestores.com/nba-basketball-shoes-c-466.html" >NBA Basketball Shoes</a> Gado (Dolce head by Gabbana and two letters Mosaic) has the right to control its brand Dolce &gabbana, and Luxembourg sales <a href="http://www.dgshoestores.com/jordan-shoes-air-jordan-shoes-c-371_386.html" >Air Jordan Shoes</a> tax rate is only 3%, lower than Italy, two people, fine suspected through its tax evasion. The survey found, dolce &gabbana is actually in Italy distance the company operation. Investigators suspect dole cut and Carrie class at least 840 million euros, hide (hk $9.05 billion) revenue. Italy's tax <a href="http://www.dgshoestores.com/jordan-shoes-c-371.html" >jordan Shoes</a> evasion crimes in recent months, the government to rampant crackdown on, hope in the experienced financial tsunami to <a href="http://www.dgshoestores.com/jordan-shoes-c-371.html" >jordan shoe</a> supplement the Treasury after. The case of the Italian restaurant milan prosecutors Laura pelosi charges, dolce &gabbana in <a href="http://www.dgshoestores.com/dg-shoes-c-338.html" >D&G shoes</a> the dior daily business is still in both Italy in overseas companies set up, is made of the crime. The government from cheating Authorities have formal notice to dole cut and Carrie bennet and to survey is over, and,<a href="http://www.dgshoestores.com/dg-shoes-c-338.html" >olce and gabbana Shoes</a> according to the Italian law, they may be formally charged. In addition to dole cut and Carrie bennet and company and seven senior under investigation. The headquarters is located in milan hiemal D&G temporarily not someone to respond to events. By celebrities like stars Head office in milan dolce &gabbana in Hollywood is very popular. Two founder Bob dole cut and Carrie, for countless <a href="http://www.dgshoestores.com/nike-shoes-nike-air-max-shoes-c-229_230.html" >nike max</a> class once favourite film and fashion design beauties of society, have entered their celebrities including Beckham wife Victoria, the music icon Madonna, morphing Gaga, if her supermodel <a href="http://www.dgshoestores.com/nike-shoes-nike-air-max-shoes-c-229_230.html" >air max</a> moss, nadia ogilvy's jinbao, sexy stunner monica. Dr baumann, Japan days later BinQiBu, etc. The company also spares no expense, often hire reds such as Madonna, ShiJiaLi ZuAnXun of propaganda, cause brings. Dolce &gabbana founder Bob <a href="http://www.dgshoestores.com/nike-shoes-nike-air-force-one-shoes-c-229_330.html" >Air Force Ones Shoes</a> dole cut was born in 1958 in Palermo, Sicily, and fine class suburban, was born in 1962 in Italy, the two founder milan in 1980, when all met as a design team assistant. In 1982,<a href="http://www.dgshoestores.com/nike-shoes-nike-air-force-one-shoes-c-229_330.html" >Air Force Ones</a> after their independent portal, design clothing for others. In 1985, they make a name for himself together, and participating in a mining rookie fashion show, a year later, he published them <a href="http://www.dgshoestores.com/nike-shoes-c-229.html" >shoe nike</a> in game 1 of the independent women clothing show by global attention. Founded in 1985, dolce &gabbana their brand them rapidly expanded to knitting clothing, beach outfit, underwear and accessories, also published a men's clothing and perfume. Between the world's first boutique in 1989 in Tokyo, followed <a href="http://www.dgshoestores.com/nike-shoes-c-229.html" >nike shoe</a> by milan store opened, and Hong Kong shop in succession, now opening hiemal D&G also hired more than 3000 employees in the last year, as many as 116 stores and 17 a workshop. Dolce &gabbana adult clothing into two of the product line, are "Dolce &gabbana" and "Dolce & Gabbana". Many people think that simple Dolce & Gabbana hiemal D&G is the abbreviation of, in fact they are two<a href="http://www.dgshoestores.com/nike-shoes-c-229.html" >Nike Shoes</a> completely different series. Dolce & Gabbana price is high, but less hiemal D&G change, be called "the eternal" design. In addition, "DG" signs also often appear in Dolce & Gabbana leather shoes, and therefore can understand DG Dolce & Gabbana is the abbreviations. As for dolce &gabbana will for <a href="http://www.dgshoestores.com/lebron-james-shoes-nike-air-max-lebron-viii-c-466_367_431.html" >Lerbron james 8</a> design inspiration is recreational style of dress is given priority to, in the prices are relatively low. Dole cut and Carrie, who is a lesbian couple class. In 2005, two people officially painted feelings of life period, but business relationship is normal, as friends of the same. In 2008, they returned to <a href="http://www.dgshoestores.com/lebron-james-shoes-nike-air-max-lebron-viii-c-466_367_431.html" >Air Max Lebron 8 shoes</a> their relationship.


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