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Femme Ralph Lauren Polo Chemises

DaiLan-like father, like adventure new things, also have definite idea, ambitious, and infatuated with colour and fashion, special attention to detail. Dylan, <a href="http://www.ralph-lauren-online.net/femme-ralph-lauren-polo-chemises-c-4.html" >Femme Ralph Lauren Polo Chemises</a> the female, 2001 of practice high-end candy store Dylan candy bars, founder of the now in the United States has 5 shop. Published the coffee table books DaiLan candy it: untie sweet life ". In addition, she also actively participate in the animal <a href="http://www.ralph-lauren-online.net/long-sleeve-femmes-ralph-lauren-polo-chemises-3-p-130.html" >long sleeve femmes ralph lauren polo chemises 3</a> and feed foundation. How to form the close ties between two generations? These relationships covers the ideal, achievements, competition, criticism, fear, failure, compromise, growth and rebirth and many othe <a href="http://www.ralph-lauren-online.net/homme-ralph-lauren-polo-chemises-c-1.html" >Homme Ralph Lauren Polo Chemises</a> family life is the most exciting wonderful chapter. Forbes magazine traveled the world business empire of father and son of inheritance, Ralph Lauren<a href="http://www.ralph-lauren-online.net/homme-rl-manches-longues-chemise-c-2.html" >Homme RL Manches Longues Chemise</a> reference for example of family. If you have a $5.8 billion worth of father seems to work for a living, don't need to work. But the 36 years old, DaiLan Lauren (Dylan) although there is a so-called Lauren showed the fashion industry tycoon father Ralph Lauren (the). Lauren <a href="http://www.ralph-lauren-online.net/hommes-ralph-lauren-sweats-c-3.html" >Hommes Ralph Lauren Sweats</a> showed, but still diligently to do oneself business for ten years of candy-DaiLan candy, retailing company (Dylan 's CandyBar). She said: "my brain can't stop." As she interviewed, and went to blackberry phone input information from his side, hurriedly in Manhattan's upper east side nearly 140 square meters of flagship store to three blocks in the office of the 6 layers. Her father Ralph is now 71 years old, his daughter to the evaluation is: "she is always busy, about all things are <a href="http://www.ralph-lauren-online.net/new-ralph-lauren-polo-chemises-c-6.html" >new ralph lauren polo chemises</a> full of interest." Full new idea, the new idea head of DaiLan now has five independent appearance shop, and in airport, hotel or large retail company opened 20 home DaiLan candy! Last year, she and signed six named concessionary projects, next year, <a href="http://www.ralph-lauren-online.net/ralph-lauren-casquettes-c-7.html" >Ralph Lauren casquettes</a> she also plan to open to Los Angeles and chain Miami Beach. In her candy store, DaiLan for people to create a visual candy from the ocean: lollipops tree to chocolate fountain of 2.27 kilograms heavier, value $40 of the colloid sugar, DaiLan brand to bear the low quantity of heat chocolate ($1.5) and article health dessert, all kinds of bright color of candy, as many as 7000 DuoZhong everything. Besides, there <a href="http://www.ralph-lauren-online.net/wholesale-big-pony-ralph-lauren-bags-discount-p-186.html" >wholesale big pony ralph lauren bags discount</a> are also some other commodities, such as plastic box, jewelry, umbrellas, handbag, pillow, t-shirts, shorts, pajamas, etc, the company $25 million in sales, 12% from about these goods.


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