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the most popular materials for watch cases

<p>This movement has not yet benefited from the new antimagnetic technologies,<a href=http://www.neckwatches.org/christian-dior-watches.html>buy replica watches</a> like those used in eight new Master Co-Axial calibers,<a href=http://www.neckwatches.org/ferrari-watches.html>replica ferrari watches</a> which are able to resist to magnetic fields up to 15,000 Gauss.The Omega Speedmaster Lunar Dust comes with a matching gray alligator strap. The case is larger than the classical Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional,<a href=http://www.neckwatches.org/ferrari-watches.html>quality replica watches</a> as it measures 44.25 mm in diameter vs. 42 mm for the older, more iconic version, but has the exact same design. On the wrist however, it wears smaller than expected,<a href=http://www.neckwatches.org/ferrari-watches.html>best copy</a> probably due to the short lugs. It also feels very light, obviously owing to the use of ceramics. The gray case,<a href=http://www.neckwatches.org/graham-watches.html>cheap replica watch</a> dial and strap create a very monochromatic — and very original — color scheme. The Lunar Dust makes a great alternative to the all-black Dark Side of the Moon; which do you prefer?We’re all familiar with the most popular materials for watch cases — steel, rose gold,<a href=http://www.neckwatches.org/graham-watches.html>replica graham watches</a> titanium, et cetera. But what about Rolesium, Ceragold, and Zenithium? While many watch brand take great pride in making their own cases, movements and dials,<a href=http://www.neckwatches.org/hermes-watches.html>top replica watches</a> only a handful have gone the extra mile and actually invented their own materials,<a href=http://www.neckwatches.org/hermes-watches.html>replica fake watches</a> mostly for use in cases, but sometimes even for parts inside the watch. Many of these have come about as watch brands invested in developing new alloys in an effort to make stronger,<a href=http://www.neckwatches.org/hublot-watches.html>replica hublot watches</a> lighter, and/or more scratch-resistant substances. Below we take a look at seven brands that have invented their own alloys by combining different metals.One of the metals developed by Rolex is a material known as Rolesium,<a href=http://www.neckwatches.org/hublot-watches.html>hublot watches replica</a> a combination of 904L stainless steel superalloy and 950 platinum.


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